ज़रा सी समझदारी दूध की बालटी हो जाए भारी

Cattle Feed
A balanced feeds is very essential for efficient milk production and reproduction of cows and cattle. Balanced feeds is composed of required quality and quantity of nutrients. These nutrients are in the form of protein energy fiber minerals and vitamins. Deficiency of these minerals and vitamins leads to poor performance in milk as well as reproduction.
  • The complete process of manufacturing cattle feeds has been divided into three stages that is pulverizing ,mixing and pelleting.

  • The raw material passes through a conveying system to the pulverizing or the grinding section where the material is grind to smaller sizes.

  • This grind material then passes through the mixing section where it is thoroughly mixed. Then this material is then fed into the boiler where they are blown by open steam at 70deg. Celsius.

  • This batch is then fed into the pelleting department where they are passed through sieves and reprocessed. The material is then cooled with the help of air coolant
  • Oil Cakes 

  • De oiled Cakes

  • Grains

  • Chuni 

  • Husk 

  • Minerals

  • Vitamins 

  • Molasses