Advantages Over Coal
  • NO ASH CONTENTS : As against Ash content of 25- 40% in coal our bio mass fuel has 10-12% ash content.  

  • HIGH VM : Indian coal is having VM around 20-20% whereas Bio mass fuel has 40% + Volatile Matter Which boosts combustion reaction.

  • CONSTANT GCV : In coal GCV varies between 2000 to 4500 whereas bio mass fuel gives constant GCV of 3800 – 4200 kcal . you can have better control on your fuel costing & planning  

  • CONSTANT SIZE : Bio mass fuel is manufactured by us in the sizes 8 mm diameter which saves your cost of coal breaking from higher size of 150-200 mm.

  • COMBUSTION BOOSTER : High volatile matter in the bio mass fuel compensates the low VM in coal and thus mixing of bio mass fuel 15-30% IN coal will react as a combustion booster resulting low unburnt carbon in bottom ash.

  • HIGH CALORIFIC OUTPUT : Biomass used in Gassifier in proportion of 15-30% with coal gives rise to higher methane in total product mix thus more heat output As per UNDP recommendation you may mix up to 70% in coal to reap fabulous saving and combustion efficiency.

  • NO POLLUTION : Since bio mass fuel is a complete fuel & not having any combustion problem it gives only C02  in air ( which is converted into O2 by photosynthesis reaction of green plants)   whereas coal is having sulpher high as 3% in some mines. So it emits SOX, NOS & CO. These Gases are Very , Harmful for all the living being including WE  ALL.

  • CARBON CREDITS : USE of Bio fuels for the reduction of pollution entitles you for the carbon credits by the western countries in use / euro / pounds which is substantial boost to your fuel costing .