Bio mass fuel
Bio mass fuel are the pellets manufactured from dry agro wastes such as ground nut husk, cashew nut husk etc. They are absolutely eco friendly fuel which can be easily proved from the characteristics given below:
S.NO Specification Characteristics of pellets
1 Calorific Value 3800-4000
2 Size of pellets The pellets are cylindrical in shape with 8mm Diameter and 3-7mm length based on the requirements
3 Moisture content 10-12%
4 Inorganic and hazardous substance if any Not applicable
5 Ash content 7-10%
6 Min. Packaging Quantity 50-60kg per bag
8 MSDS/ handling precaution The material is 100% eco friendly. It has no chemical present in it. Therefore there is no toxicity, no reactivity, non-hazardous and no health effects to the workers.
7 Transportation/ charges if any The material would be delivered at your factory or the company. The unloading of the material has to be done by the company.
8 Time period of payment The payment needs to be done within a time period of one week.
9 Fixed Carbon 7-15% which is eco friendly.
10 Others The material is delivered to you in second hand bags. That is why the material spills in the truck during transportation. This needs to be taken care of while unloading
Steam Properties
1. 4.5kg Steam is produced by 1Kg of pellets and a temperature of 850 to 950 degree celsius is attained. 

2. The steam is produced at a pressure of 17Kg pressure.