ज़रा सी समझदारी दूध की बालटी हो जाए भारी

Animal Nutrition
Essential Elements in Animal Nutrition

Elements Sources
Water Drinking Water
Proteins Pulses, Oil cakes
Carbohydrates Grains, Roughage
Fats Oils
Minerals Feed, Water
Vitamins Feed

Elements Function
Water Milk production, Acid Base Balance etc
Proteins Tissue synthesis
Carbohydrates Energy for growth and maintenance
Fats - do -
Minerals To regulate above functions, immunity etc
Vitamins - do -


Major Minerals Trace Minerals
Calcium Zinc
Phosphorus Copper
Magnesium Cobalt
Sodium Manganese
Potassium Selenium
Chlorine Iodine
Sulpher Iron etc

Factors affecting digestion

• Type of feed
• Quality of the feed (Moisture %)
• Concentrate Vs Roughage ratio
• Feeding frequency